Fulfilled R&D projects

Strength analysis of the custom implant for revision arthroplasty of the hip joint

Project period 2016 г.

In 2016, CompMechLab® staff carried out a research for the Russian Scientific Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics named after R.R. Vreden (RSRI of TO), the largest Russian clinical, scientific, and academic institute in this sphere. The main goal of the work was to check strength properties of the custom prosthesis pelvic component for revision arthroplasty of the hip joint.

Contrary to initial surgeries, the peculiarity of revision ones is specific shape of the bone defect in each patient, thus, standard solutions of implant selection from the catalogue may not provide the needed effect. Revision surgery may become the most successful in case the prosthesis geometry repeats that of the joint, and movements’ mechanics is equal to that of a person, for only such approach ensures long-term life of the structure. This is of paramount importance after a revision surgery, for each surgery affects the quality of bones, and each further surgical intervention becomes more and more difficult. This causes the use of individual implants, and advanced computer-aided engineering technologies and additive production are applied to manufacture them, for their combination provides maximum precision and customization.

CompMechLab® team cooperated with the RSRI of TO specialists who have provided comprehensive medical consultations, and corrected the geometrical model of the previously developed implant, developed the finite-element model, and performed strength analysis at the "staying vertical" mode.

The developed model considered in details the network structure of the augment part being the specific implant part capable to replace the part of the patient's pelvis lost due to various physiological processes.