Fulfilled R&D projects

Multilayer composite roof for a next generation premium vehicle

Project period 2015 г.

In 2015, IAMT staff designed and manufactured a multilayer composite panel for roofs of next generation premium vehicles in record-breaking time.

Both mechanical and operational characteristics of the roof structure are unique:

  • composite roof strength significantly exceeds that of metal roofs, it sustains all operational loads (snow, impact, heat) without resulting visible deformations;
  • developed solution reduces structure weight almost twofold comparing to the steel roof (23.75 kg comparing to 41.77 kg);
  • roof panel is a large integrated composite part: it is 3.2 m long and 1.4 m wide;
  • 70% of materials used for the roof structure are of domestic origin;
  • load-bearing element integrated into the roof composite structure allows to remove transverse reinforcement plates, thus, the number of parts reduces and car body assembly process is facilitated.

It took CompMechLab® staff just 1 months to carry out the complete works cycle involving design, modelling, structure topological optimization, samples tests, and prototypes manufacturing. Such performance was provided by unique competences and capabilities of CompMechLab® team in motor vehicle industry:

  • (Simulation & Optimization)-Driven Bionic Design principles applied in design and development of composite structures involving unique range of international computer and supercomputer CAD/CAE/CAO technologies;
  • leading position on the domestic market, own prototyping center, and ties to leading domestic and foreign hi-tech companies and R&D centers in terms of composite materials and additive production.