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Numerical Modeling and Analysis of Aircraft Engine Critical Rotor Speeds (2013)

Keywords Engine, rotor, critical speeds, vibration, finite element model, numerical modeling
Programs in use ANSYS
Project period 2013 г.

Rotor imbalance, inaccurate parts manufacturing and rotor assembly, uneven stiffness of shaft sections along the orthogonal axes, nonconservative forces affecting the rotor and other factors can cause rotor vibration. The amplitude of rotor vibration can change considerably depending on the rotor speed and in some cases show a substantial increase of amplitude and “go into resonance”. A thorough assessment of such critical speeds is essential in the product design process.

In 2013 the research associates of the Computational Mechanics laboratory (CompMechLab®) in SPbSPU National Research University conducted a research project entitled “The Development of Mathematical and Finite Element Models, Methods of Calculating the Critical Speeds of an Aircraft Engine Rotor in a Traditionally Supported Rotor System and Rotor Structure Optimization” for JSC Klimov of United Engine Corporation (a part of Rostec State Corporation).

The researchers of CompMechLab® aimed to develop 3-D mathematical and finite element models of aircraft engine rotor, propose revised methods of calculating the critical speeds and perform efficient rotor structure optimization based on the proposed computational method.

As part of the study, project scientists designed a 3-D parametric geometric model of an aircraft engine rotor, as well as a mathematical and a finite element models of the rotor, constructed from the parametric geometric model.

The research associates performed the 3-D finite element calculations of rotor’s thermal and thermostressed conditions depending on predetermined temperature regimes of the engine and active thermal loads. The finite element calculations of critical rotor speeds were also performed.

Published by CompMechLab® research associates based on the research project conducted in 2013.