Fulfilled R&D projects

Electrodynamic, Thermal and CFD Simulation of Switchgear

Keywords Switchgear, transformer, conductors, heat exchange, convection, electricity
Programs in use ANSYS/Mechanical, ANSYS/CFX
Project period 2013 г.

In 2013, engineers from the “Computation Mechanics” laboratory (CompMechLab®) developed multidisciplinary conjugate models and carried out electrodynamic, thermal and CFD simulation of switchgear for Gen3 Partners, Algoritm Ltd, ABB Ltd. These activities were aimed at development of a portable next generation device.

CompMechLab® engineers were first to develop mathematical and computational models for switchgear analysis within this project.

The temperature pattern was calculated for the system, and excessive heat areas were marked using the developed multidisciplinary conjugate model. As a result, a modified structure of the switchgear was designed based on multiple path computations.

The multidisciplinary model developed within this project provides computational modelling that integrates electrodynamic (Joule heat emission caused by current flow by conductivity elements), thermal (modelling of temperature distribution within the whole object under analysis and the airspace around it), and CFD processes (temperature distribution considering natural convection both inside and outside a device) into one computation.

This article was prepared by the laboratory “Computation Mechanics” (CompMechLab®) specialists based on work performed in 2013.