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Finite Element modeling of a frontal EuroNCAP crash-test of a VAZ-21093 vehicle

Keywords EuroNCAP, frontal crash, crash-test, driver and passengers safety, Frontal Impact Test
Programs in use ANSA, DS SIMULIA / ABAQUS

According to European New Car Assessment Programme (EuroNCAP) standards numerical modeling of a frontal crash (crash test) of a VAZ-2109 car is done.

The VAZ-2109 hits the barrier, which is a cellular aluminum structure, overlapping 40 percent of the car's front part from the driver's side, at a speed of 64 kmph.

CompMechLab experts developed a FE model of the car and the special barrier. A radiator, an engine, front and rear suspensions, a brake system, a driver's seat, car's wheels with a glance to tyre pressure and many other specific details are considered in the FE model. The FE model is meant for fulfilling computational experiments which consider dynamic contact multi-interaction, non-linear material properties (physical non-linearity) and non-linear deformation of structural elements (geometrical non-linearity). The prototype's structure has been reworked to increase the correspondence to a real vehicle.

VAZ-2109   VAZ-2109 FE model
​VAZ-2109 FE model


FE modeling results of VAZ-2109 crash test

VAZ-2109 crash test results
Comparison of FE modeling results and VAZ-2109 real crash test

FE modeling VAZ-2109 crash test. Click to view

FE modeling VAZ-2109 crash test. Click to view

FE modeling VAZ-2109 crash test. Click to view

A non-linear dynamic problem of impact interaction was solved for the FE crash test analysis of the VAZ-2109 vehicle using FE analysis software DS Simulia/ABAQUS. The developed FE model gives an opportunity to investigate the influence of velocity, hit angle and other parameters on crash-test results. The developed FE model is also used by CompMechLab engineers for doing other researches, i.e. computer modeling and reconstruction of accidents involving VAZ-2109.