CompMechLab News 26 March 2018

Best-in-class technologies for additive manufacturing are now in Russia: CompMechLab LLC and Additive Works GmbH sign an Amphyon software distribution agreement

Additive manufacturing is one of the most significant world's industrial trend, as it helps to optimize most complicated shapes and structures, as well as design globally competitive products in the shortest time possible. This is exactly why engineers and managers of National Initiative Technology (NTI) Center of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University pay a lot of attention to developing skills and competences connected with additive manufacturing technologies, as well as getting known with the innovative CAE software for 3D-printing processes simulation and analysis.

Computational Mechanics Laboratory , LLC (CompMechLab Group head company) is a strategic partner of NTI Сentre of Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) and a member of the project consortium of the NTI СentreNew Manufacturing Technologies” under the auspices of the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies SPbPU. The NTI Center mission is promotion of competitiveness of domestic leading companies in the global NTI markets and in the hi-tech manufacturing sectors by transferring modern technological chains and providing multidisciplinary R&D of high flexibility. The main technologies adopted by the NTI Center are digital simulation and design, digital twins, new materials and additive technologies. 


On March 1st, 2018 Computational Mechanics Laboratory, LLC (CompMechLab) signed a distribution agreement with Additive Works GmbH (Germany), Amphyon software developer, thus becoming the first official distributor of Amphyon software in Russia, CIS, Baltic States and Finland.    

Additive Works GmbH is a spin-off company of University of Bremen. Additive Works combines state-of-the-art scientific approaches with application-oriented software engineering to offer innovative software solutions for simulation based additive processes. The general mission of the company is to provide highly usable solutions for first-time-right additive manufacturing and take this technology to the next level.

Nils Keller, Additive Works CEO, said: "Amphyon was designed to replace the experiment driven development of build-up strategies in laser beam melting with simulations and geometry analyses. Due to the numerically calculated knowledge about process-induced thermal and mechanical loads, the build-up process can already be optimized on the level of pre-processing. This will save AM users a lot of resources and additionally enhance the part quality as well as the level of automation."

Anton Aleksashkin, CAE Software Distribution Department Head, CompMechLab, said: "We are delighted to work together with Additive Works GmbH and welcome Amphyon technologies in Russian industrial market. Additive manufacturing is at the peak of the demand today in Russia: more and more private companies and large state enterprise adopt ALM and realize its benefits, which help to develop lighter and more efficient products. Amphyon software will help Russian companies which deal with 3D-printing to optimize their workflow, reduce manufacturing costs and drastically increase their parts manufacturability and quality."

Amphyon software consists of several modules that support the pre-processing steps and enhance the process itself. There are three major applications Amphyon and its modules focus on:

- help designers to learn how to deal with AM and its issues;
- help researchers to study process physics by numerical simulation;
- help production to optimize pre-processing and build data within a few steps.

The modules available today allow the user to determine the optimal orientation of a part for additive manufacturing (Examiner Module), Simulate the buildup process (MPS-Module) and automatically generate a distortion compensating geometry (Predeformation Module). Additionally, a module to generate optimized support structures is just entering the beta-phase. Needless to say that Amphyon has a user-friendly, easy to use interface and provides customers with a highly flexible licensing system.

Having just appeared in the Russian market, Amphyon software awoke great interest by many Russian enterprises. This became evident during the seminar held by CompMechLab LLC on February 20th, 2018, and devoted to additive manufacturing problems and challenges. The seminar gathered more than 30 professionals from such well-known enterprises as Russian Helicopters, Lyulka Design Bureau, Laser Systems, Design Bureau Khimavtomatiky, etc., and most questions asked by them referred to the capabilities and advantages of the Amphyon software, which was presented for the first time in Russia at this event.

More information about Amphyon software can be found at the vendor’s website otherwise at CompMechLab Russian website designed for Amphyon products: For more details on Amphyon software please contact us either per telephone +7 (812) 407-37-00 or e-mail: