CompMechLab News 5 March 2018

Center of National Technology Initiative and CompMechLab Group held a seminar on optimization and additive technologies with incredible success

On February 20th, 2018, CompMechLab Group of companies – a strategic partner of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Сentre of Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) – held a seminar dedicated to additive manufacturing technologies and optimization for 3D-printing in cooperation with the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies of SPbPU (IAMT SPbPU).

The seminar gathered over 30 representatives of industrial enterprises and universities.  Among the participants were such leaders of Russian industry as UEC-Saturn PJSC, Lyulka Design Bureau; Lazer Systems; Chemical Automatics Design Bureau, Centre of Technical Projects and many others.


Members of Computational Mechanics Laboratory, LLC - Anton Aleksashkin, CAE Software Distribution Department Head, and Grigory Shalpegin, lead engineer, as well as IAMT SPbPU representatives  - Mikhail Zhmaylo, lead engineer and Topology Optimization Group head and Boris Sokolov, engineer and the winner of the technological competition "Bracket optimization by mass reduction criteria", which had been held within the framework of the Generation S project, presented the mission, competencies and capabilities of the  NTI Centre. They told about the unexampled-wide range of CAE software possessed by the Centre and mutual achievements of the Centre and CompMechLab Group in the area of additive manufacturing.

"Lightweight components for Manufacturing Robot" project fulfilled by CompMechLab engineer Boris Sokolov with solidThinking Inspire software

Anton Aleksashkin delivered a presentation about implementation of best-in-class software technologies into Russian and CIS countries enterprises workflow via  technological chains transfer in order to create globally competitive products in the shortest time frames. In particular, Mr. Aleksashkin presented the capabilities of the unique Altair HyperWorks multiphysics analysis platform (developed by Altair Engineering Inc.), solidThinking manufacturing processes simulation software (solidThinking, Inc.), the advantages of the physical and mechanical material properties database Total Materia (Key to Metals AG), as well as Moldex3D - the  software code for all modern types of injection molding simulation.

Mikhail Zhmaylo told the audience about the experience gained by IAMT SPbPU employees in application of cutting-edge CAE technologies for creating of complex stuctures, optimized by maximum stiffness and minimum mass criterion and further manufactured by 3D-printing methods. Mikhail then demonstrated some case studies from real industries.  In his second speech Mr. Zhmaylo highlighted the unique software Amphyon developed by Additive Works GmbH for additive manufacturing process simulation and optimization. It is noteworthy that CompMechLab LLC has recently become the first and exclusive distributor of Amphyon software in Russia, CIS and Baltic states.

Star tracker bracket optimization completed with solidThinking Inspire software 

Grigory Shalpegin, the next speaker of the seminar, paid attention to the capabilities of topology and topography optimization software, solidThinking Inspire, as well as to key improvements  and brand-new functions and features of  version Inspire-2018, released this January. The latest release grabs such new functionalities added as the opportunity to optimize assemblies, optimize the fit of PolyNURBS CAD geometry to generative design results automatically with the new PolyNURBS Fit Tool, generate optimized lattice and mixed solid - lattice structures, visualize simulation results in 3D view and export lattice designs in an .stl file format for 3D-printing. 

Generative design concept utilization with PolyNURBS technology application

Lamp model rendering processed in solidThinking Evolve

Mr. Shalpegin also demonstrated rendering of models, generated and optimized in Inspire software, using the hybrid 3D modeling and rendering code named solidThinking Evolve, which seamlessly suits simulation and optimization-driven workflow based on solidThinking Inspire and/or Altair OptiStruct software.

In conclusion Mr. Shalpegin also presented the DeskArtes software – a development by a Finnish vendor DeskArtes Oy, which enables its users to repair model geometry easily, fulfill slicing and generate support structures generation for 3D-printing. Lattice structures generation is being tested in a Beta-version of DeskArtes software now and soon will be available for all customers.

DeskArtes enables its users to automatically generate support structures for 3D-printing

Lattice structures generation is now available in  DeskArtes new version

All the presentations delivered by NTI Center and CompMechLab employees aroused great interest of the seminar participants. A lot of questions rose to an active discussion that demonstrates high interest of industrial companies to both engineering software implemented by CompMechLab and skills and capabilities of the NTI Centre in the area of engineering consulting for various industries. This seminar started a serios of 2018’ seminars held under the auspices of the NTI Centre. The next seminar scheduled for March 19th will focus on features and capabilities of Moldex3D – the undoubtedly best-in-class software for simulation and analysis of injection molding.

Computational Mechanics LaboratoryLLC (CompMechLab®) is an official distributor of solidThinking, DeskArtes and Amphyon software products in Russia, CIS and Baltic States. CompMechLab® sells these products to enterprises, R&D centers and universities as well as provides maintenance and training courses to its customers.

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