Events / Activities 6 December 2017

Second Russian Technology Conference “Altair ATCx Russia” held in St. Petersburg on December 1st, 2017, gained great success

Altair Engineering, Inc.  organizes annually major events named ATC (Altair Technology Conference) in all continents, which normally unite hundreds of experts (engineers, designers, project managers, scientists) from the world's leading companies in various industries that actively use Altair solutions. The geography of ATC events over the last few years includes the best technological and business platforms in Paris, Munich, Turin, Los Angeles, Beijing and Seoul. 

The Second Technology Conference ATCx Russia was held at the Scientific&Research Building of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Peter the Great. The main topic was dedicated to Altair's latest developments in multiphysics computer-aided engineering, additive manufacturing, optimization and 3D-printing. ATCx Russia was held by Altair Engineering, Inc. – the one of the world’s CAE software market leaders, and CompMechLab®, LLC with the support of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). The conference gathered over 150 representatives from 55 high-tech companies and 7 Russian universities.  It should be noted that this year’s conference was held in another format than the previous one. The first part of the event was organized as a plenary session, while the second part was divided thematically into two sections. This kind of the event structure allowed the participants to choose a section with the presentations of the most relevant topics for their companies.


SPbPU Vice-Rector for Advanced Projects, CompMechLab Group founder, co-leader of the NTI TechNet workgroup, FoF leader Prof. Alexey Borovkov (CompMechLab®) opened the plenary session of the conference with a presentation named “Digital, Smart, Virtual Factories of the Future. Digital Twins”. Prof. Borovkov spoke about the modern trends of advanced manufacturing technologies and digital economy, answered questions about the challenges which the Industry 4.0 provoked to the world and about the role of Virtual Factories in globally competitive products manufacturing. A special attention in the presentation was paid to digital twins generation and their application in various manufacturing areas.

Altair’s Chief Technical Officer Dr. Uwe Schramm welcomed all the conference participants and made a presentation about Altair’s Business concepts. He also presented the latest Altair’s software applications for multiphysics cross-disciplinary problems solution, including a range of nonlinear solvers and topology optimization technologies implemented in the HyperWorks software suit, as well as such applications as FEKO and FLUX which are the comprehensive solvers for electromagnetic and thermal simulations.

Altair Engineering, Inc. is one of the world’s CAE software market leaders and developer of the unique software platform for multidisciplinary analysis - Altair HyperWorks. The platform  includes preprocessors for the simulation-driven design creation and comprehensive finite element models generation, solvers for strength analysis, linear and non-linear dynamics, thermal conductivity, aero-hydrodynamics, electromagnetic problems, composite structures analysis, crash tests simulation, manufacturing processes express-simulation (extrusion, stamping, casting) and postprocessors for results visualization, analysis, geometry rendering and automated reporting.

Kimon Afsaridis, Dr. Lazaros Tsioraklidis and Dr. Kamila Rodoz Flidrova (all from Altair) spoke about main features of design and visualization technologies implemented in HyperWorks software and vastly applied in various industries. The Altair team members unveiled the latest software applications for vehicle crash impact simulation – RADIOSS - and presented Altair’s solutions for impact and fluid structure interaction (FSI) analysis in aeronautic applications. The capabilities of finite element pre-processors Altair HyperMesh (any complicated 1D, 2D, 3D mesh generation) and SimLab (automated mesh, assembly mesh, middle-surface automated generation for shell element mesh creation) were also presented.


Along with Altair, SPbPU and CompMechLab®, ATCx Russia 2017 has been noted by leading Russian enterprises presentations, such as of UEC-Aviadvigatel, JSC (Perm), AVTOVAZ, PJSC (Togliatti), Progresstech Ltd. (Moscow), as well as companies from Altair Partner Alliance (APA) such as EOS, DeskArtes Oy, Key To Metals AG. The participants from APA presented their achievements at the booths they had within a conference.

The speakers from the leading Russian enterprises have shared insights into their development processes and how challenges in product development can be overcome by allying the right Altair HyperWorks tools and methods at the right time.

Altair OptiStruct is the best-in-class technlogogy for topology and topography optimization of complicated part

The XFEM method used in RADIOSS for complicated fracture analysis is widely used by Altair's customers from automotive and aerospace industries

Dr. Uwe Schramm noted: "The ATCx conference in St. Petersburg organized together with our valued partner, CompMechLab®, really impressed us. A lot of engineers from various industries attended the conference, providing the great success of the event. We expect that events like such will help Altair to go deeper into Russian market."

Altair Engineering, Inc., CompMechLab® and SPbPU thank the all speakers and participants of the Second Russian Technology Conference “Altair ATCx Russia-2017” and would be glad to see all participants at the next conference, which is preliminary scheduled for February 2019!

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