Events / Activities 17 March 2017

Developments of the Engineering Center, SPbPU IAMT, and CompMechLab Group won 8 gold and 1 silver medals at the PTFair 2017

The thirteenth St. Petersburg Technical Fair (PTFair) took place on March 14-16, 2017. PTFair encompasses nine specialised exhibitions supplementing each other and representing a showcase of the full production chain. They include “High Technologies. Innovations. Investments" (HI-TECH), the international convention and exhibition, one of the first events in Russia intended to promote advanced technologies, innovations, investment projects in science and technology, and to ensure effective cooperation between scientific organizations, industry players and potential investors. Export and application of advanced technologies in production and trade was event’s key topic in 2017. Participants from 10 countries, including Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic, India, Turkey, China, the Republic of Belarus, and from over 20 Russian regions exhibited their products from various industries.

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) traditionally exhibited hi-tech projects of its divisions,  spin-out and start-up companies at the PTFair. Developments of the SPbPU Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (SPbPU IAMT), the SPbPU Computer-Aided Engineering Centre of Excellence (CompMechLab®), key IAMT division, spin-out company "Laboratory “Computation Mechanics”, start-up company "Polytech Engineering", and LLC "Technological Engineering Company "LVM AT" were demonstrated at the PTFair.


Developments of CAE Centre /IAMT and CompMechLab Group were submitted for a competition "The Best Innovation Project and the Best Scientific and Technological Development of the Year". Winners were awarded on March 16 within the framework of the PTFair 2017 closing address. 

102 projects participated in the competition. SPbPU filed 16 applications, 9 of them were filed on behalf of the CAE Centre / SPbPU IAMT, CompMechLab® Group:

  • "Development of the 3D Printer Involving Photopolymer UV-Hardening Technology" (we remind that the printer had been demonstrated to Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev);
  • "Prototype Model Development and Manufacturing for the 3D Printer Intended for Production of Items Made of Ceramic Materials and Ceramic-Based Composite Materials, Including  Metal Matrix Composites" (this project of "Polytech Engineering" was paid particular attention within the "Investodrom" investment session);
  • "Virtual Tests and Improvement Procedure for Motor Vehicle Multilayer Soundproof Coating Structure";
  • "Weight Optimisation of the Aircraft Bracket of the Gas Turbine Engine Thrust Transfer " (project authors Ilya Zelinsky and Boris Sokolov, IAMT students and CAE Centre employees, had won the first and the second prize in "Bracket Optimisation by Weight" competition organised within the GenerationS project (GenerationS — the largest start-up accelerator in Russia and Eastern Europe, the federal corporate platform for the development of acceleration tools. It has been held by RVC since 2013);
  • "Procedure of Products Manufacturing Based on Carbon Yarn Illustrated by Carbon Fiber Composite Lattice Solar Presidium Frame for Space Applications";
  • "Prototype Development for the Energy Absorbing Container Preserving Fragile Cargo in Case of Falling from over 100 Meter Height). 
  • Parachute Lock Improvement Intended for General Weight and Assembly Parts Number Reduction (project of the LLC "TEC "LVM AT"");
  • "Design of the Bicycle Manufactured based on Additive Technologies in Accordance with Bionic Design Principles"  (project of the LLC "TEC "LVM AT"");
  • "Method of Framework Load-Bearing Structure Cross-Platform Parametric Improvement Method" (project author is Tatyana Filina, the IAMT student, and the CAE Centre employee).

SPbPU projects were awarded with: 

  • 9 gold medals (8 for CAE Centre /IAMT and CompMechLab Group projects)
  • 4 silver medals (1 for CAE Centre /IAMT and CompMechLab Group project)