Events / National Technology Initiative 17 February 2017

National Technology Initiative (NTI) Technet roadmap approved. SPbPU IAMT and Computer-Aided Engineering Centre of Excellence (CompMechLab®) will be the basis for testing grounds of the Factories of the Future

On February 14, 2017, the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Economic Modernisation and Innovative Development approved the NTI Technet roadmap. Technet is the first roadmap within the NTI intended for the development and efficient application of  cross-industry technologies, mainly, Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT).

Council Presidium has previously approved 6 roadmaps on Markets of the Future development, i.e. Autonet, Aeronet, Marinet, Neuronet, Healthnet, and Energynet.


Council Presidium's session was held by the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. 

"TechNet roadmap is devoted to advanced manufacturing technologies. It is a range of solutions which dramatically change industrial manufacturing, they make it efficient, automated, and make it possible to digitalize all stages of the product life, from the engineering thought to disposal".

Dmitry Medvedev
Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation
Dmitry Medvedev

Dmitry  Medvedev added that we needed to create conditions for efficient application of the Advanced Manufacturing Technologies  in the Russian industry. This is the roadmap target. According to Denis Manturov, the Head of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, it directs existing state programmes to AMT.

"Digital design and modelling, new materials, additive technologies, industrial Internet, robotics are the most prospective fields for development nowadays", said Denis Manturov. "The global services market of the Factories of the Future amounts for $773 bn, but the Russian share there is just 0.28%.  The roadmap is aimed at the share increase to at least 1.5 %".

During the  discussion within the session, Prof., Dr. Alexey  Borovkov, the co-leader of the NTI Technet workgroup, the Head of the Engineering Centre (CompMechLab®), SPbPU Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (SPbPU IAMT) scientific director noted that no single technology may provide for the long-term competitive advantage on the market.

"Such advantage may be provided by comprehensive systems of advanced manufacturing solutions, integrated process flows (we call them "The Factories of the Future": ­ Digital, "Smart", Virtual Factories), which should be based on the best international technologies. There shall be the place for practical testing in actual conditions of such manufacturing solutions systems in order to develop them based on selection and combination of the best international technologies. The roadmap involves testing grounds commissioning to achieve this goal.

According to Vasily Osmakov, the Deputy Head of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, the roadmap will cover at least eight industries at its initial stages, while some projects are already under implementation (in automotive industry, shipbuilding, nuclear power engineering, aircraft engineering, and aerospace industry).

Top-priority events in roadmap implementation in 2017-2019:

  • Commissioning of 4 testbeds, including those at SPbPU IAMT and NPO Saturn;
  • Commissioning of 5 Factories of the Future in hi-tech industries;
  • Running of companies acceleration system in terms of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, and establishment of experimental and digital certification centers;
  • Establishment of the National Center for Testing, Verification, and Validation of Software for Computer-Aided and Supercomputer-Aided Engineering, National Network Prototyping and Reverse Engineering Center, and Centers for AMT Transfer, Research, Training, and NTI Technet export support (in China and Europe).