Events / National Technology Initiative 31 December 2016

Russian President Vladimir Putin and President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev studied projects and developments of the Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Computer-Aided Engineering Centre of Excellence and CompMechLab Group

On December 25, 2016 Vladimir Putin and Nursultan Nazarbayev visited "Diakont" plant in St. Petersburg where they were demonstrated company's high-tech products. 

Besides, innovative projects of leading Russian companies supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) were exhibited at the plant specifically for Mr. Putin and Mr. Nazarbayev visit. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Computer-Aided Engineering Centre of Excellence and CompMechLab Group demonstrated their achievements.


Certainly, this visit and the opportunity to meet with the Russian President and the President of Kazakhstan have become a most significant event for the development of the "TechNet" part of the National Technology Initiative (NTI), for “Factories of the Future” (FoF) major project implementation, CAE Centre of Excellence, SPbPU Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (SPbPU IAMT), SPbPU and CompMechLab® Group development in 2016.

ASI representative Dmitry Peskov briefly characterized CompMechLab to the Heads of State.

"We are proud of quality of works performed at the SPbPU Engineering Center; CompMechLab solutions are applied for BMW and Tesla cars. Center's achievements promote the development of the next generation products which are lighter, stronger and more durable, reliable, and cheaper", said Dmitry Peskov.

SPbPU Vice-Rector, CompMechLab Group founder, co-leader of the NTI TechNet workgroup, FoF leader Prof. Alexey Borovkov spoke in details about CAE Centre of Excellence and CompMechLab Group projects for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Volkswagen, Tesla. For instance, CompMechLab engineers have implemented dozens of projects involving design and digital production of 53 car bodies for BMW for 10 years, while they have been working within Industrie 4.0 programme from 2011.

Dr. Alexey Borovkov also informed Mr. Putin and Mr. Nazarbayev on FoF major projects implementation together with leading Russian enterprises for various high-tech industrial spheres. (The project was first introduced to President Putin on July 21, 2016).

Dr. Alexey Borovkov reminded on impressive results obtained during work within the concept of the Digital / the Virtual Factory involved in the "Cortege" project implementation related to the development and manufacturing of the Unified Modular Platform intended for limousine, sedan, SUV and minibus premium vehicles production (main project contractor is FSUE "NAMI").

Many science and technology solution of the international level were developed and applied in Russia for the first time within this project; this provided first ever outstanding results for Russia: absolutely new vehicle got the highest score at the first attempt at the independent testing area in Berlin during the frontal crash test.

Presidents studied activities results, model of work within various segments of global markets, works progress in the NTI "TechNet " sphere and within the “Factories of the Future” major project.

Computer-Aided Engineering Centre and CompMechLab demonstrated specific results of new business models implementation in three segments of the global market (Russia / China, Japan, Korea / Europe, the USA) within the new design paradigm based on the advanced digital platform and intended for the development of internationally competitive products of the next generation, mainly, in machine building industry. 


Dr. Alexey I. Borovkov also proposed Mr. Putin and Mr. Nazarbayev to establish the joint Russia-Kazakhstan Engineering Center targeted at quick cross-industry transfer of advanced technologies and solutions; the Center shall be established within NTI TechNet sphere and the “Factories of the Future” major project, which are intended at the development of the Digital Economy of the Future components: Digital – Smart -Virtual Factories of the Future being inter- and cross-industry digital platforms.

In course of the discussion, the Presidents demonstrated their devotion to synchronize Digital Economy components development processes in Russia and Kazakhstan, thus, it is planned to establish the Russia-Kazakhstan Center. President Nursultan Nazarbayev was highly interested in this initiative, and gave required orders during the excursion, thus, the Governmental officials of the Republic of Kazakhstan have already begun discussing the development of the joint activities programme.

After the visit to the "Diakont plant", opening of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council session took place on December 26, 2016 where Vladimir Putin noted that "the main task for the nearest future is the establishment of the uniform digital space of the Eurasian Economic Union".

"Recently, the digital economy has widely spread in such countries as China and the USA. EAEU countries' underdevelopment in the global electronic commerce and cross-industry digital platforms may affect our competitiveness on both global and domestic markets of the Union. We need to provide more active support to our countries' enterprises in terms of industrial cooperation development, and involve medium- and small-sized businesses in production and technological chains more actively".

Vladimir Putin
Russian President
Vladimir Putin