Upcoming events / Additive Manufacturing Technologies 28 October 2016

Altair Engineering, Inc. and CompMechLab, LLC with support of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University introduce Russian First Altair Technology Conference ATCx Russia dedicated to optimization, bionic design and additive manufacturing.

Russian First Technological Conference ATCx Russia will take place on December 2nd, 2016, in Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU). The Conference will focus on advanced Altair solutions for multi-criteria topology optimization, development of efficient sophisticated structures based on the bionic design principles and models preparation for 3D printing with further strength and fatigue analysis. Along with organizers the Conference well be attended by Altair partners - EOS and Componeering Inc., as well as by the leading enterprises of the Russian aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive and turbomachinery industries.

Altair Engineering, Inc. is one of the world CAE software market leaders and a developer of Altair HyperWorks - the unique software platform for multidisciplinary analysis. The simulation-driven design platform  includes preprocessors for 2D and 3D finite element meshes generation, solvers for strength analysis, linear and non-linear dynamics, thermal conductivity, CFD and electrodynamics pronlems, composite structures analysis, crash/drop/impact simulation, manufacturing processess simulation (extrusion, forging, die casting) and postprocessors for results analysis and automated reports generation. HyperWorks also includes multi-criteria topology optimization tools for isotropic parts and assemblies, as well as for anisotropic parts manufactured with 3D-printing, and laminate composite structures. OptiStruct enables detailed, "fine tuning" optimization of very complicated parts as well as enables engineers to design lattice structures. Lattice structures with pre-defined cell periodicity designed in OptiStruct allow producing parts with minimum weight and maximum strength and stiffness in the given direction.

Complete solution for powertrain durability Full-vehicle noise and vibration analysis Topology optimization for lattice structures

HyperWorks suite is working under a unique value-based license management system called HyperWorks Units, which allows metered usage of the entire suite of products. This value-based licensing model has been extended to partners’ products, providing a dynamic and on-demand platform which now also includes cloud-based solutions.

Altair Engineering Inc. currently serves more than 5,000 clients all over the world in various industrial sectors, such as automotive (Ford, FIAT, Renault/Nissan, Daimler, Toyota), aircraft industry (Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Bombardier, Sikosrky), turbomachinery (Pratt&Whitney, Rolls-Royce, GE Aircraft Engines), rocket and missile engineering (NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin), energy (Siemens, Shell, Schlumberger), heavy industry (Caterpillar, Volvo, Hitachi, Liebherr), shipbuilding (BAE Systems, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Wartsila), etc.

 Sentinel 1 satellite bracket topology optimization using Altair OptiStruct® 

Altair annually organizes ATC events (Altair Technology Conference) all over the world, inviting hundreds of experts (engineers, designers, project managers, scientists) from the  leading enterprises and R&D centers that actively use Altair solutions in their work. The ATC geography during last years includes the best technological and business platforms of ​​Paris, Munich, Turin, Los Angeles, Beijing and Seoul. The Research Complex of the Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University will become venue for Russian ATCx 2016.

St. Petersburg, Russia The Research Complex of the Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University

We invite you and your colleagues to attend the First Russian ATCx Conference on December 2nd.

Registration for Russian ATCx is now open at HERE!

The agenda will be available in our website shortly. Please follow our news.

About CompMechLab

Computational Mechanics Laboratory, LLC (CompMechLab®) is a partner of Altair Engineering, Inc. and an official distributor of the Altair HyperWorks software products in Russia, CIS and Baltic States. CompMechLab® sells Altair HyperWorks products to enterprises, R&D centers and universities as well as provides technical support and training courses for Altair's customers in Russia.