Events / National Technology Initiative 15 July 2016

SPbPU IAMT and CompMechLab Group take part in INNOPROM-2016

On July 11–14, 2016, Yekaterinburg hosted INNOPROM, the largest international industrial fair in Russia which sets the trend for the country’s industrial development. This year its participants included 635 enterprises, India being the partner country. The fair was attended by around 60,000 people from 95 countries.

Leading companies exhibited their achievements as part of INNOPROM-2016. Employees of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (SPbPU IAMT) and its key subdivision Computer-Aided Engineering Centre of Excellence (CompMechLab®) and CompMechLab Group displayed a whole range of recent solutions, including those developed as part of the SPbPU IAMT Digital Factory concept using bionic design principles and additive technologies.

  • Prototype of an automobile side view mirror manufactured using additive technologies at CompMechLab® (SPbPU IAMT) Centre for rapid prototyping and reverse engineering.
  • Metal bracket for use in aircraft industry. Developed using (Simulation & Optimization)-Driven Bionic Design. 
  • Carbon fiber composite lattice solar panel frame for space applications. The lightweight supporting structure is intended to replace three-layer honeycomb panels.
  • Industrial photopolymer (SLA) 3D printer Bravo-2 with a build area of 200 х 150 х 200 mm and 0.1 mm printing accuracy.
  • Energy-absorbing container for keeping fragile equipment safe and properly functioning after falling from a height of 125 meters on a hard surface. 38 days from an idea to a working prototype.
  • Powertrain mount, designed according to bionic design principles. A small batch was manufactured at CompMechLab® (SPbPU IAMT) Centre for rapid prototyping and reverse engineering..
  • A part “Holder” for PAO UMPO - the head company of United Engine Corporation (UEC, a subsidiary of UIC Oboronprom). 
  • A part “Slider” for Russian Helicopters JSC, a subsidiary of UIC Oboronprom.
  • Turbine blade with internal lattice structures created through the Autodesk Within system.
  • Samples of complex items printed with the photopolymer (SLA) printer Bravo.
  • Customized lower jaw implant.
  • Hip joint implant (acetabular component).

The developments aroused much interest of INNOPROM participants, including distinguished guests, among them Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, First Deputy Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Gleb Nikitin, Director of the Department for Strategic Development and Project Management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Vasily Osmakov, and top management of the leading industrial enterprises and universities.

Alexey Borovkov, the head of SPbPU Computer-Aided Engineering Centre of Excellence (CompMechLab®) took part in a number of key events in the business program. One of them was the meeting of the Council on Engineering and Industrial Design of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. Alexey Borovkov’s speech was focused on the centres for engineering software testing, validation and certification. 


As part of the panel discussion “University within the Open Innovation Concept: Change Drivers”, Alexey Borovkov gave a speech on the structure, directions and characteristics of the work SPbPU Computer-Aided Engineering Centre of Excellence (CompMechLab®). The centre is an example of successful practical application of expertise and experience of university specialists. Alexey Borovkov spoke about prerequisites for the centre’s success, which is primarily based on the team’s profound research and practice expertise, and outlined the center’s development prospects in the light of creation of Digital Factories for National Technology Initiative (NTI, Russia’s nationwide private-public effort to create fundamentally new markets and ensure technological leadership by 2035).