Events / National Technology Initiative 27 July 2016

Alexey Borovkov, head of SPbPU Computer-Aided Engineering Centre of Excellence, presented the project “Factories of the Future” to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The project will be supported by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI)

On July 21-22, 2016, VDNH, Moscow, hosted the ASI Strategic Initiatives Forum dedicated to developing a concept of long-term social and economic development of Russia until 2035. The business program included a presentation of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) strategy, a long-term program aimed at creating fundamentally new markets, with Russia as a global leader.

The Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects (ASI) autonomous non-profit organisation was established in 2011 at Mr Putin’s initiative. Its tasks include supporting promising medium-sized business projects of social importance, improving the business climate, and assisting development of young managers and professional management in the social sector.

The landmark event of the Strategic Initiatives Forum was a meeting of ASI Expert Council in which President Vladimir Putin took place. He heads ASI Supervisory Board. 


In the presence of the Russian president Expert Council members considered five projects seeking ASI support. The project “Factories of the Future” presented by its leader Alexey Borovkov was approved for ASI support. Alexey Borovkov is SPbPU Vice-Rector, SPbPU Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (IAMT) scientific director, head of SPbPU Computer-Aided Engineering Centre of Excellence and co-head of TechNet NTI working team.

“Human resources, education and the business climate are all crucial aspects of Russia’s global competitiveness. As you work in these areas, it is essential to look at not just the immediate situation but also far into the future. The National Technology Initiative has started making bold new ideas a reality and forming the conditions for Russia’s leadership on markets of the future. You have already drawn in many people, especially young people, who are reflecting on the next technological breakthroughs”, highlighted Vladimir Putin when addressing the meeting participants.

Markets of the future cannot be formed without the main component of the digital economy of the future, i.e. Factories of the Future. Before the meeting started, Alexey Borovkov presented this project to the president at the Forum exhibition.

The project “Factories of the Future” evolved as part of TechNet NTI. It involves SPbPU Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, NPO Saturn, CompMechLab® Group of Companies, Skoltech and others.

Its top priority is to create a set of world-scale competencies based on the integration of advanced manufacturing technologies and business models for the Factories of the Future.

“Nowadays Russian industry is facing a new challenge, Time to Market, which means that the time for bringing globally competitive new-generation products to the market should be minimal”. Such time reduction at the Factories of the Future provides fundamentally new approaches to digital design based on total mathematical modelling and optimization technologies”, explained Alexey Borovkov when addressing the participants of the Expert Board meeting.

A remarkable prototype of the Digital Factory is Cortege project. As Alexey Borovkov pointed out, “In just two years, Russia for the first time developed a single modular platform used to design, develop and test a premium-class automobile which was immediately awarded with the highest score at an independent test site in Berlin”.

Such a unique result was secured by the Digital Factory which also works in high-tech industry areas such as engine manufacturing, helicopter industry, shipbuilding, aerospace industry, and most importantly, which works for the benefit of the markets of the future, or NTI markets.

Alexey Borovkov also reported to the president on the purpose of the application to ASI, which is “making a list of industrial problems/challenges together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the creation of industry and market-specific Factories of the Future; and most importantly, solving these problems/challenges”.

Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, supported this project.

“What Alexey Borovkov told us is just one of the examples of cooperation with our department. The single modular platform, or Cortege as it is known by people, is one of the projects which from the very beginning brought to our notice the potential of SPbPU and in particular, of the Engineering Centre created by Alexey Borovkov. We learned about it not from our Russian, but from our foreign colleagues. One of the project partners is Porsche Engineering whose representatives said, “You already have a champion that must be used to the maximum in this project”. That is why we hope that the groundwork that was already done will underlie the NTI so that we will definitely use this groundwork and the experience of our colleagues”, said Denis Manturov when addressing the president.

The Expert Council of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives  approved the project "Factories of the Future". ASI will provide support for the project  in terms of networking between industrial partners coupled with administrative support in building infrastructure for the factories of the future. 

As part of the Forum, Professor Alexey Borovkov also delivered an open lecture called “Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. Digital, Smart and Virtual Factories of the Future”, going into detail about the project “Factories of the Future”.