Events / Activities 6 June 2016

Polytech-Engineering, LLC comes second in the rating of fast-growing companies in St. Petersburg “Business Gazelle - 2016”. Computational Mechanics Laboratory, LLC ranks among top 5 companies


On June 4, 2016, the Russian newspaper Delovoy Peterburg published “Business Gazelle”, the 13th independent rating of fast-growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region. The annual rating is formed by Delovoy Peterburg in order to reflect SMEs business activity index; the main criterion applied was an increase in the company’s financial turnover over the last three years.

The first place was taken by the managing company VKB-Sport, whose turnover grew from 1 854 000 (2013) rubles to 487 156 000 rubles (2015) over two yeas, with an increase of 26 186%. 

The second place was held by Polytech-Engineering, LLC, a small innovation company set up at SPbPU in 2011 (founded by SPbPU and Computational Mechanics Laboratory, LLC. The growth of R&D turnover in 2015 against 2013 equaled 1 586% (R&D turnover in 2015 amounted to 81.6 million rubles).

Computational Mechanics Laboratory, LLC, a high-tech engineering spin-out company at SPbPU set up in 2006 by a SPbPU professor and head of the academic, research, and innovation Computational Mechanics Laboratory, ranked fifth in the “Business Gazelle - 2016” rating. The growth of R&D turnover in 2015 against 2013 equaled 280% (R&D turnover in 2015 amounted to 296.5 million rubles).

Polytech-Engineering, LLC and Computational Mechanics Laboratory, LLC, known on the world market under a single brand CompMechLab®, develop original technologies, constructions, equipment, and products based on broad spectrum of cutting-edge CAD/FEA/CFD/FSI/MBD/EMA/CAE/CAO/HPC technologies and additive technologies.

CompMechLab® companies interact with almost all high-tech industries, including the automobile, aerospace, nuclear & power, chemical, oil & gas and other industries.

It is not the first time that Computational Mechanics Laboratory and Polytech-Engineering are included in the “Business Gazelle” rating. Stable growth of their indicators is mainly secured by increasing R&D in the field of computer-aided design, multi- and transdisciplinary and cross-industry computer engineering as commissioned by the leading industrial companies in Russia and abroad.

  • 2015: Computational Mechanics Laboratory, LLC – 8th place, Polytech-Engineering, LLC – 2nd place in the “Business Gazelle” start-up ranking;
  • 2014: Computational Mechanics Laboratory, LLC – 24th place.