Events / Meetings & Visits 12 March 2016

Dr. Rudolf Schilling, professor at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), visits SPbPU Computer-Aided Engineering Centre of Excellence (CompMechLab®)

Rudolf Schilling visited Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University Computer-Aided Engineering Centre of Excellence (CompMechLab®) on March 9-11, 2016. Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schilling have been the Technical University of Munich (TUM) Vice-President for almost a decade, and he is the key person developing the cooperation between the TUM and the SPbPU.


During his visit to SPbPU , Prof. Dr. Schilling had meetings with University representatives where series of lectures within international educational programmes were discussed.

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Schilling also learnt more about IAMT, the new SPbPU division, and its key subdivision, Computer-Aided Engineering Centre of Excellence (CompMechLab®).

IAMT was established at SPbPU in the beginning of 2015 as the innovative basis / medium / ecosystem intended for development of focused scientific and research laboratories and advanced manufacturing technologies development centres involving other university divisions, hi-tech companies, and R&D centres.

Mr. Andrew Falaleev, SPbPU Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (IAMT) Director, told Prof. Dr. Schilling that IAMT plays an important role within the framework of the National Technology Initiative (NTI, Russia’s nationwide private-public effort to create fundamentally new markets and ensure technological leadership by 2035). Dr. Alexey I. Borovkov, the head of CAE Centre of Excellence and the Vice-Rector for Advanced Projects, the founder of CompMechLab® Group, is the co-head of the TechNet Working team within the National Technology Initiative.

Oleg Klyavin, Deputy Director of the Engineering Center, told about the largest Engineering Center department - Automotive Department that has a vast successful experience in the projects of BMW Group, etc.

"CompMechLab® is a worldwide automotive supplier, an acknowledged brand on the market of engineering services for leading carmakers. At some projects we deal directly with customers, but with some companies we are integrated into development chains, when we work with the largest engineering companies like EDAG, Semcon, being co-contractors of major projects related, for instance, to BIW (body-in-white) development."

Oleg Klyavin

Mr. Klyavin described the whole cycle of CompMechLab® engineers work: from receiving initial data (style surfaces, style solutions for car body, general arrangement, i.e. everything contained inside: braking system, electrics, motor, chassis, etc.) to the final result - Digital Mock-up ready for production.

Following Prof. Dr. Schilling, Oleg Klyavin described in details the software engineers use in their work. A wide range of transdisciplinary computer-aided technologies applied by almost all world leading companies helps to achieve a mutual understanding with each customer, and to implement the tasks quickly and efficiently.

CompMechLab® team uses own Simulation and Process Data Management (SPDM) system CML-Bench™ that allows to use a unified user interface to work with various computer-aided technologies including preprocessing software, CAD/CAE systems, post-processing software.

Oleg Klyavin explained how Engineering Center develops required structures.

"Our main design paradigm is Simulation-Driven Design. We make a mathematical model first, and only after it a design team starts working. Its work starts with some    quasioptimal solution which is then developed in terms of production processes, assemblability, etc.; then prototypes are made, if required by a customer", he explained.

Oleg Klyavin said also that Engineering Center expert fields are not limited to automotive industry and cover almost all industrial spheres. (For some examples, refer to Section "R&D").

Prof. Dr. Schilling was also informed on the CompMechLab® contribution into the SPbPU educational process. Involvement of best students into projects of industry leaders helps to prepare best engineers who are already ready to work equally to other specialists.

To summarise the meeting, Prof. Dr. Schilling said, "You perfectly manage to do your important and significant work". He asked what inspired Engineering Center of SPbPU (CompMechLab®) specialists, and what provides competitiveness which is so hight that some German companies also choose the CompMechLab®.

"We love cars; moreover, we manage to perform a large scope of work within limited terms", said Mr. Oleg Klyavin.

About CML

SPbPU Computer-Aided Engineering Centre of Excellence (CompMechLab®) is the leading engineering center in Russia. Since 1987 CompMechLab® team have provided services at the market of (Simulation & Optimization)-Driven Design, computer-aided and super computer-aided engineering (CAE; HPC-CAE) of composite materials with complicated microstructure, nonsteady nonlinear physical & mechanical processes, advanced machinery, mechanical structures and composite structures, advanced manufacturing technologies at the market of R&D for hi-tech branches of economy.