Additive Manufacturing Technologies 20 July 2015

3D Printed, Modular Villa Assembled in Three Hours

On July 17, the Chinese company unveiled their modular home at the International Exhibition Center Plaza in Weihai. Like the WinSun structures, this home was made off-site before being brought on location for complete assembly. 90% of the villa was built within a factory, in module form, where all of the essentials – wiring, plumbing, furniture, decoration, and more – were incorporated into each portion of the home.

Готовый дом, на модульную сборку которого потребовалось около трех часов.

Then, at the unveiling, the modules were stacked using a crane, with a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom assembled on the first floor and a terrace, bedroom, and utility room stacked on top to create the second floor. This entire process lasted only three hours.

Zhuoda Group Vice President Tan BuYong said of the project, “Thanks to our special materials, our rate of assembling houses is really fast. Since 90% of the houses we build are completed in a factory prior to the actual on-site construction, we only need to do on-site follow-up work to complete a build. This not only avoids the pollution caused by traditional construction sites, but also dramatically reduces construction costs by thinking about houses as a traditional manufactured product.”

Одно из внутренних помещений виллы.

The company claims that the reduction in labor, transportation, material, machinery, and more can reduce the price of such builds, making them ultimately cheaper for the client.

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