Hi-Tech news 15 July 2015

VolkerWessels introduces the PlasticRoad

PlasticRoad, which consists of 100% recycled material could become a sustainable alternative to conventional road structures.


The construction company VolkerWessels unveiled plans for a surface made entirely from recycled plastic, which it said, featured numerous advantages compared to conventional roads, both in terms of construction and maintenance. Plastic is much more sustainable and opens the door for a number of new innovations such as power generation, quiet road surfaces, heated roads and modular construction. Additionally, the PlasticRoad design features a 'hollow' space that can be used for cables, pipes and rainwater.

Rolf Mars, the director of VolkerWessels’ roads subdivision, KWS Infra, said: "PlasticRoad is a virtually maintenance free product. It is unaffected by corrosion and the weather. The road structure handles temperatures as low as -40 degrees and as high as 80 degrees Celsius with ease. It is also much more resistant to chemical corrosion. Estimations predict that the lifespan of roads will be tripled. That means less road maintenance and less to no traffic jams and detours".

The PlasticRoad is still an idea on paper at the moment. The next stage is to build it and test it in a laboratory to make sure it’s safe in wet and slippery conditions and so on. VolkerWessels are looking for partners who want to collaborate on a pilot – as well as manufacturers in the plastics industry.

Source: VolkerWessel

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