Nuclear power engineering

Static and Dynamic Strength Analysis; Vibration Analysis; Electromagnetic Analysis; Thermal Analysis; Coupled-Field Analysis; Fatigue Analysis.

Nuclear power generation. Fulfilled R&D projects CompMechLab®:
Finite element 3D structural analysis of the driving wheel of the main circulation pump containing constructional lacks of welding. Estimation of working capacity of the structure
Keywords Main circulation pump, Tianwan NPP, constructional lack of welding, 3D curved crack, 20 billions of pulsations, 3D thermo-structural analysis, multiple contact interaction, static and fatigue strength, substantiation of the working capacity of the main circulation pump for 40 years of maintenance
Programs in use CAD system, ANSYS
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Strength analysis for the separator-superheater SSH-500-1 with modernized separating part. Were held in the context of program of the ensuring of the nuclear power plant’s nuclear, radiating, technical and fire safety
Keywords Separator-superheater, turbine equipment, nuclear power plant, perforated plates
Programs in use SolidWorks, ANSYS
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