Electromagnetic calculations. Fulfilled R&D projects CompMechLab®:
Electromagnetic, Thermal, and Strength Analysis of ITER Diagnostic Equipment (2011 to 2013)
Keywords Thermonuclear reactor, ITER, diagnostic equipment, electromagnetic calculations, thermal calculations, strength calculations, finite elements modelling
Programs in use CATIA, ANSYS
Research period 2011-2013 гг.
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Electrodynamic, Thermal and CFD Simulation of Switchgear
Keywords Switchgear, transformer, conductors, heat exchange, convection, electricity
Programs in use ANSYS/Mechanical, ANSYS/CFX
Research period 2013 г.
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FE 3D Structural Analysis of the W-LBSRP block of JET Tokamak divertor under Electromagnetic Loading
Keywords Tokamak, JET, Joint European Torus, ITER, divertor, facing, transient electromagnetic fields, vortical currents, halo-currents, electromagnetic loads, 3D stress state, multiple contact interaction
Programs in use CATIA V5, ANSYS/Mechanical, ANSYS/EMAG
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