Composite materials, composite structures. Fulfilled R&D projects CompMechLab®:
Carbon fiber composite lattice solar panel frame for space applications
Research period 2016 г.
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Development of a Calculation Procedure for Composite High-Speed Vessel. Strength Computations for the First Russian High-Speed Catamaran with a Carbon-Fiber Composite Hull
Keywords composite shipbuilding, composite structures, composite materials, high-speed catamaran, strength calculations, the direct finite - element modeling
Programs in use ANSYS
Research period 2013 г.
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Finite element meso-scale stress analysis of stitched glassfiber UD-laminates
Keywords composite material, glassfibre, stitching, bundle waviness, local volume factor, stress concentration, homogenization
Programs in use ANSYS, SolidWorks
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Finite Element Simulation of the Bowling Lane Drop-Down Test and Bowling Multibody Dynamics
Keywords Multibody dynamics, drop-down testing, composite materials,bowling multibody dynamics
Programs in use ANSYS, LS-DYNA
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FE Structural Analysis of the Space Shuttle Composite Casing
Keywords Space tourism, The daVinci Project, Ansari X Prize, space shuttle casing, SolidWorks, multi-layer composite, ANSYS, structural analysis
Programs in use SolidWorks, ANSYS
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