CFD analysis

External Aerodynamics; Internal Aerodynamics; Incompressible and Compressible Flows; Multiphase Flow Simulation; Turbomachinery Systems; Heat Transfer Simulation; Combustion; Fluid-Structure Interaction.

Applied (industrial) CFD analysis. Fulfilled R&D projects CompMechLab®:
Electrodynamic, Thermal and CFD Simulation of Switchgear
Keywords Switchgear, transformer, conductors, heat exchange, convection, electricity
Programs in use ANSYS/Mechanical, ANSYS/CFX
Research period 2013 г.
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Finite Element Modeling of the Arresting Gear and Simulation of the Aircraft Deck Landing Dynamics
Keywords Arresting gear, jet-fighter landing, comparison if FE results and experimental data
Programs in use ANSYS, LS-DYNA, SolidWorks, MSC.ADAMS
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Finite element 3D thermal and thermo-structural analysis of the catalytic cracking device for various operating modes of the reactor and the regenerator. Estimation of thickness of elements of structures; static and cyclic strength estimation
Keywords Reactor, regenerator, multilevel submodeling, thermal stress state, cyclic strength
Programs in use SolidWorks, ANSYS
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Design, rational optimization, numerical simulation (CFD-analysis) and estimation of the operation efficiency of the heavy vehicle aerodynamic drag reduction device
Keywords Cargo transportation, drive truck, trailer, external aerodynamic, airflow, streaming, vortex generators, designing, rational optimization, CFD-analysis, aerodynamic drag reduction, fuel saving, finite volume method , DHP*C -Distributive High Productivity Computing
Programs in use ANSYS/CFX
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CFD analysis of the control valve for hydraulic braking system
Keywords CFD, control valve, hydrodynamics, pressure drop characteristics
Programs in use ANSYS/CFX
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Numerical simulation and estimation of efficiency of vortex generators to decrease aerodynamic drag of the trailer
Keywords Trailer Mercedes Actros, incident flow, CFD, streamlines, vortex generator, aerodynamic resistance
Programs in use SolidWorks, ANSYS/CFX
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FE Simulation and Analysis of the Minibus Ventilation System
Keywords Ventilation, minibus, streamlines, velocity and pressure fields
Programs in use SolidWorks, CosmosFloWorks
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