Failure and Fatigue Analysis; Integrated Aircraft Structural Weight Optimization; FE Strength Analysis of Composite Aircraft Structural Elements.

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Carbon fiber composite lattice solar panel frame for space applications
Research period 2016 г.
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Finite Element Modeling of the Arresting Gear and Simulation of the Aircraft Deck Landing Dynamics
Keywords Arresting gear, jet-fighter landing, comparison if FE results and experimental data
Programs in use ANSYS, LS-DYNA, SolidWorks, MSC.ADAMS
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FE Structural Analysis of the Space Shuttle Composite Casing
Keywords Space tourism, The daVinci Project, Ansari X Prize, space shuttle casing, SolidWorks, multi-layer composite, ANSYS, structural analysis
Programs in use SolidWorks, ANSYS
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Finite element analysis of the rotary micromechanical gyroscope vibrations
Keywords micro-electromechanical systems, micromechanical gyroscope, eigenfrequencies and mode shapes
Programs in use ANSYS
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Natural vibrations of micromechanical accelerometers
Keywords Micromechanical accelerometer, sensitive element, modal analysis
Programs in use ANSYS
Research period 2003
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