Total Materia

Total Materia is the world largest database and the best-in-class source of all known physical and mechanical material properties, including metals, polymers, ceramics and composites. Total Materia database is developed by a Swiss company Key to Metals AG.


Total Materia database main features and advantages include:
- 6.000.000+ physical and mechanical material properties available for more than 240.000 materials in 23 world most popular languages;
- 45.000+ stress-strain relations;
- 7.000+ materials with cyclic properties;
- 1.800+ sources of advanced material properties;
- 63 supported international and local standards;
- Special databases divided into four classes: metals, polymers, ceramics and composites;
- International tables of cross-references;
- Material chemistry;
- Physical and mechanical material properties, including the ones for composites;
- Fast export of material properties data (property card) into CAE software;
- Material properties estimation and choice;
- Material determination by chemistry;
- Options for multi-material comparison in a single cycle;
- Materials and standards update monitoring;
- Guaranteed verification of all data presented.

Owing to its extensive capabilities Total Materia database is successfully used by top-ranked universities, scientific laboratories and a huge number of industrial enterprises (both material developers and manufactures) in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, composites, power generation industry, consumer goods, machinery and instrument engineering.

Total Materia modules Direct import of material properties to most CAE software is available


Total Materia database consists of various modules developed for diverse goals. Total Materias Extended Range module is an exceptional source of physical and mechanical material properties for CAE analysis, multiphysical research and engineering design. It includes stress-strain diagrams, plasticity and fatigue data, creep curve etc. Also direct import of material properties are available to all modern structural CAE software, such as ANSYS, ABAQUS, LS-Dyna, NASTRAN, MSC.Marc, RADIOSS, etc.

According to expert opinions from multiple industries Total Materia advantages appear in:
- The whole workflow efficiency increase is achieved by accuracy and reliability of supplied material properties data that gives an opportunity to avoid expensive and eventually dangerous errors;
- Ability to utilize new design approaches based on accurate knowledge about physical and mechanical properties of materials applied;
- Instant comparison of various material properties that helps to save time and increase decision accuracy;
- Significant data submission for diverse materials design and utilization in wide temperature range.

Unique licensing system helps the user to choose the most suitable package which fully covers the user's goal, shall it be a small starp-up company or a huge enterprise with thousands of employees.

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Key to Metals AG, a Swiss developer of the database Total Materia, and CompMechLab® Ltd. signed a reseller’s agreement on January 1st, 2015.