SOLIDTHINKING, Inc. is a US software company, part of Altair Group and the developer of topology optimization and industrial design tools - solidThinking Inspire and Evolve.

solidThinking Inspire is a multi-parametric topology optimization technology capable of generating optimal designs of forms and shapes of any complexity. The optimization can be performed by maximal stiffness, minimal mass and eigenfrequencies value criterion.

solidThinking Evolve is a tool for fast and efficient development of industrial design concepts. Evolve gives an opportunity to capture a sketch, convert it into 3D format and render its design in real time, while allowing easy and fast model parameterization using NURBS-based surfaces and volumes.  

Click2Cast is an innovative tool for fast and efficient casting process modeling which enables the user to predict possible drawbacks of the metal casting.

Topology optimization process in Inspire

solidThinking Inspire enhances the concept development process. The user may generate a required part shape within a design space using the loads as input or create an ideal shape, verify its performance and export geometry in CAD if concept enhancement is needed. This software offers different modeling variants capable for released product manufacturing or easy export to any existing CAD tools. Inspire allows to design lightweight in, instead of engineering mass out; easily clean up and define problem areas; visualize displacement, factor of safety, percent of yield, tension and compression and major principal stress / von Mises stress.

The latest release, Inspire 2015, introduces multiple new enhancements including:
•    Geometry simplification tools
•    Smoothing options
•    Linear static analysis enhancement
•    Contact areas definition
•    Bolts and pins automatic creation

Inspire supports additive manufacturing technologies (AMT) processing. Models created and optimized in solidThinking Inspire can be converted to STL format easily and forwarded directly to 3D printers.

Inspire helps to design structural parts right the first time, reducing development time, design iterations, material consumption and product weight by designing faster, smarter, and lighter. Inspire is built to work with existing tools and has a straightforward user-friendly interface that is easy to learn and that is familiar to all CAD software users. 

Innovative designs created by Evolve

solidThinking Evolve is a 3D design software for model creation on either Windows or MAC. It helps the user transfer their designs from drawings or sketches to rendering with the best blend of organic surface freedom and parametric solid control available for product design and architecture. 

Evolve benefits include
•    Free model creation. Created by Designers for Designers, Evolve provides free form surfacing and solid modeling in a single package. This allows the best approach to be applied to each aspect of a design. Evolve uses NURBS (Non Uniform Rational B-Splines) as its geometry type. This curve and surface definition method offers the greatest flexibility and precision. NURBS are capable of representing any desired shape, both analytic and free form, and their algorithms are extremely fast and stable. Full NURBS-based modeling, construction history and the most advanced modeling tools make Evolve a matchless tool for designers.
•    Effortlessly made changes. The best-in-class ConstructionTree history allows users to make a point or a parameter real-time updates and then let Evolve automatically refresh the entire model. 
•    Beautiful rendering. The user can quickly test and evaluate designs, materials or environments while developing his/her model. Evolve offers users the ability to create photorealistic images and animation with a built-in renderer. One can create videos or Quicktime VR movies to communicate complex ideas, or import H3D files to produce stunning simulations.
•    Reverse Engineering. Thanks to the PointCloud command it becomes possible to create a specified number of points cloud lying on parallel planes from a user defined points cloud. This command can be useful to simplify a points cloud derived from 3D scanning. Beside a section planes direction, the user can specify either the number of planes, or the distance between planes. The other facility is curve creation from PointCloud. This tool creates a curve starting from a selected point and approximating the points ordered by minimal distance.

Evolve provides organic surface modeling and parametric control. It frees designers from the constraints of traditional CAD tools, while allowing the export of digital models required by others in the product development process. solidThinking Evolve has introduced a new level of simulation usability and efficiency.

Click2Cast is a casting process simulation software that allows the user to enhance and optimize their manufactured components. Click2Cast helps to avoid typical casting defects such as air entrapment, porosity, cold shots, etc. thanks to mold filling simulation. The complete simulation can be done in 5 simple steps from opening the model to analysis of the results. Click2Cast offers the easiest casting process simulation on the market. The software requires no special training or an extensive technical background. Click2Cast provides quick iterations to test different mold design possibilities with a few intuitive button clicks.

Click2Cast offers five easy steps to simulate the mold filling and predict possible defects. Click2Cast also automatically creates high quality finite element mesh, making the simulation model preparation process much easier for the user

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Computational Mechanics Laboratory, LLC (CompMechLab®) is the official reseller of solidThinking software in the territory of Russia, CIS, Baltic States and Finland.   

You can apply for a trial license of Evolve (30 days), Inspire and Click2Cast (14 to 21 days) by CompMechLab® directly.

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