Educational, research and innovation laboratory “Computational Mechanics”

Computational Mechanics Laboratory (CompMechLab) was founded in 1987 at Mechanics and Control Processes Department of Physics and Mechanics Faculty of Leningrad Politechnical Institute (now St.Petersburg Polytechnical University (SPbPU).

Research managers and organizators: 

Alexey I. Borovkov - Head of CompMechLab, PhD, Prof. of SPbPU ( 

Vladimir A. Palmov - Head of Mechanics and Control Processes Department, Honorary Scientist of Russian Federation, Dr. of Sc., Prof. (

Primary activities of CompMechLab:

  • Mechanics of deformable solid bodies, mechanics of structures and machines, mechanics of composite structures;
  • Finite element method;
  • Computational mechanics, finite element mechanics above all;
  • Development of rational physical and mathematical models with high adequacy to real constructions in modern mechanical engineering;
  • Application and adaptation of science intensive CAD/CAE software systems of finite element analysis ANSYS and LS-DYNA into curriculum, scientific research and engineering activity at industrial companies;
  • Direct mathematical and computer modeling, high-performance FE computations and computer-aided engineering;
  • Consulting and expert examination of the analysis results obtained by means of CAE-software by customers.

CompmechLab is a memeber of The International Association for the Engineering Analysis Community NAFEMS (National  Agency  for  Finite  Element  Methods  and  Standards).


Since foundation of CompMechLab in 1987: 

  • research engineers of CompMechLab support 5-terms course of Computational Mechanics at Mechanics and Control Processes Dept., SPbPU. Computational Mechanics practice classes are totally based on ANSYS FE software; 
  • research engineers of CompMechLab in the frameworks of "Applied Mechanics" branch at Mechanics and Control Processes Dept. (Master of Sc. program "Copmutational Mechanics" and Engineering program "Dynamics and Strength of Machines") trained more then 100 highly qualified specialists in the fields of applied mathematics and mechanics, computational mechanics and application of science intensive technologies in computer-aided engineering; graduates ofCompMechLab are successfully working in leading russian companies and firms, and also in many foreign companies (General Electric, Siemens, Microsoft, LG Electronics, Pratt&Whitney, ANSYS and others ) that are specialized in the area of high-tech and science intensive technologies; 
  • research engineers of CompMechLab are regulary participating in researches supported by grants of Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Ministry of Education of Russian Federation, R&D programs of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies, Federal Principal Program "Integration", grants of US foundation CRDF and german foundations DAAD, DFG, Volkswagen, International Program in Exact Sciences and International Science Foundation, projects of International Science and Technical Center
  • research engineers of CompMechLab presented dozens of reports at International and All-Russian conferences about results of researches, performed with use of CAE-technologies. For example, at X International ANSYS Conference and Exhibition 2002, that was held in April, 2002, in USA under remarkable motto "Simulation: Leading Design into the New Millennium", after special revision procedure for the first time 7 papers from Russia were accepted (all papers from CompMechLab). These papers demonstrated highest level of application of world-leading CAE FE software ANSYS; 
  • research engineers of CompMechLab have published about 200 scientific papers in leading russian and international journals and proceedings of russian and international conferences and meetings; At X International ANSYS Conference and Exhibition 2002 international expect council, examined and discussed more then 100 technical papers and one paper from CompMechLab (authors - A.I. Borovkov, D.V. Shevchenko) was awarded "Best of Session Technical Paper" and "Best of Conference Technical Paper" Diplomas; 
  • research engineers of CompMechLab are regularly performing R&D by request of leading industrial companies of St.Petersburg (JSC "LMZ", JSC "Electrosila", JSC "Polzunov Scientific and Manufacturing Unity of Energy Technical Equipment Analysis and Design", JSC "Special Machines Construction Bureau", Efremov Science and Research Institute of Electrophysical Devices, Science and Research R&D Institute of Turbocompressors, JSC "Nevsky Plant", JSC "Kirovsky Plant", LSC "Izhora Plants", JSC "New Era" an many others), and also on request of leading companies from USA, Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy and universities from Germany, Belgium, France. 

    Taking into consideration the urgency of CAE-technologies development in SPbPU and in order to inculcate them into faculties of SPbPU, in 2000 on the basis of CompMechLab in General Informational and Computational Complex (GICC) of SPbPU there was organized CAD/CAE/CAM Department (Head of CAD/CAE/CAM Department - Prof. A.I. Borovkov). 

    In 2001 by invitation of Ministry of Industry, Science and Technologies of Russian Federation CompMechLab and CAD/CAE/CAM Department of GICC, SPbPU participated in International Hannover Exhibition "The Power of Industry" (April, 2001) and Exhibition of Computer Technologies in Milan (SMAU'2001, October, 2001). At these international exhibitions and at VI International exhibition-congress "High-Tech. Innovations. Investments" (June, 2001, St.Petersburg) members of CompMechLab presented numerous results of ANSYS and LS-DYNA applications in industry. These results have shown that level of CompMechLab research in the area of science intensive computer-aided engineering is corresponding to the level of leading foreign industrial companies. At this exhibition CompMechLab was awarded I Degree Diploma and Great Medal for a package of researches "Computer-Aided Engineering - Science Intensive Part of modern CALS-technologies".

    In 2001 US company Livermore Software Technology Corporation (LSTC), code developer of FE software LS-DYNA recognized significant achievements of CompMechLab in LS-DYNA application. In November, 2001 LSTC in collaboration with another US company FEA Information Inc., supporting world engineering community, recognizing CompMechLab achievements in LS-DYNA applications invited Head of CompMechLab Prof. A.I. Borovkov to become educational participant of world-famous web-portal along with 5 other leading LS-DYNA-experts from USA - Dr. T. Belytschko (Northwestern University), Dr. D. Benson (Univ. California - San Diego), Dr. T. Altan (The Ohio State University - ERC/NSM), Dr. A. Tabiei (University of Cincinnati), Dr. B.V. Mehta (Ohio University). 

    In December, 2002 after special invitation from ANSYS Europe CompMechLab for the first time participated and won in World-wide contest of ANSYS Inc. "Best ANSYS Images for 2003 ANSYS WORLDWIDE CALENDAR", that is held annually among industrial companies. ANSYS Inc. distributed 2003 ANSYS WORLDWIDE CALENDAR among its representatives and clients, including thousands of licensed ANSYS-specialists, working in universities and industrial companies. 


    Victory of CompMechLab in this contest is first and unique victory of russian ANSYS users. 

    In December, 2003 after special invitation from ANSYS Europe CompMechLab for the second time at a run participated and won in the World-wide contest of ANSYS Inc. "Best ANSYS Images for 2004 ANSYS WORLDWIDE CALENDAR", that is held annually among world leading industrial companies.

    Winning image represents CompMechLab research in area of Finite Element Modeling and thermal analysis of the radio-telescope RT-70 main reflector. The full-scale simulation of thermal and mechanical problems was carried out for this unique construction.

    Following recommendations of the Expert Council CompMechLab image was honored to be presented among 12 best images of the "Best ANSYS Images for 2004 ANSYS WORLDWIDE CALENDAR" , and CompMechLab engineers were awarded with valuable prize.

    In March, 2003 in order to implement widely ANSYS-technologies into curriculum, scientific research, design and engineering activities Scientific Council of SPbPU made a decision to organize on basis of CompMechLab and with support of  EMT R Company ANSYS/LS-DYNA Center of Excellence.

    In December 2007 CompMechLab prepared and submitted to the ANSYS WORLDWIDE CALENDAR contest the image illustrating the project Finite element 3D thermal and thermo-structural analysis of the catalytic cracking device.

  • The catalytic cracking deviceis one of the major components of the oil-and-gas industry equipment complex. It participates in technological process of oil fractions splitting into base components of high-quality aviation and automobile gasolines.